There’s really not one unifying reason for all the books being on this list, and so there’s really no order to them either. Put simply, these are the books that I enjoyed the most this year, the ones that I look back on most fondly. For that reason, I didn’t actually give all of the books on this list a five-star rating (though really, if I’m being completely honest, there’s no logic behind which books I give five stars and which I don’t) and I’m certainly not saying that these are the best books ever written, or that they’ll appeal to everyone, I literally just enjoyed reading these books a whole lot, and I’m very excited to talk about every single one of them.

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BOOK REVIEW | Carry On — Rainbow Rowell


I’ve been excited for this book ever since Rainbow Rowell first announced it. Amidst all the anxiety and stress of my final year of university (and, frankly, all the anxiety and stress of everything that comes after that) this book was a constant source of excitement. It did not disappoint. It did, in fact, exceed every admittedly high expectation I had of it. I absolutely loved this book.

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BOOK REVIEW | Nimona — Noelle Stevenson


READ: September 2015

FORMAT: Paperback

RATING: ★★★★★

The second book I decided to read in my exploration of graphic novels/comics was Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, a book that I’d been trying to resist buying basically since it came out. I actually read the webcomic around the time it first started, but I am honestly awful at keeping up to date with webcomics. I love them, and keep up with them for a time, then completely forget about them for months, go back and reread it all, promise I’ll keep up, and completely forget again. Naturally, I was incredibly excited to read Nimona in its entirety.

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SERIES REVIEW | Saga — Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


READ: June – September 2015

STATUS: Ongoing (five volumes so far)


It’s hard to write a review of Saga without either repeating what’s already been said, or spoiling everything. But, here I am. Although, even if I wanted to explain the specifics to you, everything I say would sound mad anyway. For instance, Saga contains the following: a race of humanoids that have TV sets for heads, a bipedal talking seal, and a cyclopean novelist who writes pro-peace subtext into his smutty books. Really, I don’t know what else you need to hear to convince you to read this series.

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BOOK REVIEW | The Rest of Us Just Live Here — Patrick Ness

the rest of us just live here

READ: September 2015

FORMAT: Hardcover


It’s no secret among people I know that I’m a huge fan of everything Patrick Ness writes. After reading A Monster Calls a few years ago, and going on to devour the Chaos Walking trilogy and More Than This (I’ve yet to foray into his adult fiction) I’ve pressed copies of his books into people’s hands nearly every time they enter a bookshop with me. Naturally, I was incredibly excited when I heard that Patrick Ness was releasing a new book full stop but the premise, a book about the people who aren’t the Chosen One, had me counting down the days until its release.

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BOOK REVIEW | Asking For It — Louise O’Neill

asking for it

READ: September 2015

FORMAT: Kindle ebook


This review contains discussions of rape/sexual assault/rape culture.

I went into Louise O’Neill’s second novel, Asking For It, fully prepared for a dark, difficult read. In addition to the numerous reviews I read prior to its publication, I read her debut novel Only Ever Yours earlier this year, and loved it. So I was very interested to see how O’Neill would tackle the issues of rape culture and victim blaming in her second novel. She does, of course, handle these issues carefully and masterfully, by which I mean that this is one of the hardest, cruellest books I have ever read. Asking For It should upset you, and it should make you angry, but perhaps the most harrowing thing about this novel, is that it almost doesn’t feel like fiction.

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