Hello! I’m Amy. I’m twenty-three, and I live in the north of England. I hold an MA degree in Contemporary Literatures, and a BA Hons. degree in English Literature. I enjoy reading, pressuring my friends into reading the books that I like, writing, and being too scared to show that writing to most people, apparently.

I read very widely, so you can probably expect an eclectic collection of reviews on this blog. Mostly I read YA, adult fantasy and sci-fi novels, literary fiction, horror/Gothic novels, and the occasional classic.

My goodreads is goodreads.com/shutupamy, and you can also find me on Twitter as @shutupamy, and on Instagram as @hushamy. You can find my contact page here, or you can contact me directly via email at inkyspells@gmail.com.


★ = I didn’t like it. I had too many issues with it, and I ultimately didn’t enjoy the reading experience.
★★ = It was okay, but I was left feeling disappointed. I had a lot of issues with the book that detracted from my enjoyment of it.
★★★ = I liked it. It was a decent read, that I mostly enjoyed, but perhaps didn’t leave me with too much of an impression. I’d likely recommend a book I gave 3 stars.
★★★★ = Really, really liked it. I had little to no issues with it, or these didn’t effect my reading. Really enjoyed the reading experience. I’d definitely recommend any book I gave 4 stars.
★★★★★ = Absolutely loved it. Couldn’t fault it, and even if I could I liked it too much for it to bother me. Highly, highly recommend.


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