2019 Reading Goals


Hey! Hi! It’s me! Who? That’s fair, since it’s been over a year since my last post.

I can’t really say why I didn’t blog this last year, except that I didn’t. I tried, but never actually posted anything. 2018 was the worst reading year I’ve had maybe ever? I still managed to read 25 books, which is still good, it’s just that for the last few years I’ve managed to read at least 40, so from a personal standpoint it wasn’t the best.

The good news is that I’m finally shaking off the reading slump I’ve apparently been in, and I figured another good way to get around my apathy toward reading lately would be to set some actual goals for 2019. These are, perhaps, the most basic goals, but basic is what I need right now.


50 books is pretty much the standard Goodreads goal, but if I actually manage to read 50 books I’ll have doubled what I read this year. I know that there’s controversy? Maybe? Over the whole Goodreads “look how many books I can read!” thing, but I personally like setting these kinds of goals for myself. It’s nice knowing how much I read in a year, and if you read 5 books or 50 books, it doesn’t really matter. I just have one big, specific goal to accomplish this year that I’ll talk about next that means I really need to read at least 50 books.

My optimistic goal is that I’ll increase this TBR as the year goes by, but um, for now we’ll keep it at a nice, safe 50 books. That’s optimistic enough.



So. You know how we all make jokes about how we all keep buying books and then never reading them? What I’ve been doing is beyond a joke and my physical TBR currently sits at ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO unread books. 132! 132 books sitting on my shelves that I own and have not read.

I recently went through my shelves and got rid of books that I hadn’t read and was no longer interested in reading. Some of these books had been sitting there for four or five years, and I figured that if I haven’t read them yet, I probably wasn’t going to. And since I can’t actually remember what books I got rid of, it seems I was right.

I’d like to get my physical TBR to below a hundred books if at all possible, and for once I’m not saying that I actually have to read those books. Like I said, I’ve been holding onto books for years and have never read them, so my tentative plan is to go through my shelves again in a few months and get rid of anything that doesn’t interest me anymore. It kind of sucks in a way? Because I spent money on those books and all, but I’d rather that than have my anxiety over my TBR constantly looming over me.

I know that perhaps it seems silly that I’ve not said I’m putting myself on a book buying ban, but despite all evidence to the contrary I don’t think I buy that many books. I have a FairyLoot subscription which I really love, and don’t want to give it up for the sake of my TBR. Honestly the thing I’m most guilty of is buying books on my Kindle when they’re reduced to 99p, and even then my Kindle TBR only sits at 30 books.

Which, yes, if you’re uh, good at maths, means my total TBR is 162 unread books that I own. But I’m not too bothered about how big my Kindle TBR gets, it’s the physical books that are taking over my room/life.



This is linked to the above, but I’m not too sure if it’s something I’ll actually stick to. I’m a mood reader, so I tend to just pick up books depending on how I feel at the time. The problem with this is that for the last 12 months “how I feel at the time” has been “I don’t ~feel~ like reading”, which is fine, except that I love and miss reading.

If any of you set monthly TBRs, do you find that they work? Do you give yourself some wiggle room for if your mood changes? I’ve never tried setting myself an actual TBR before, so I’d appreciate any advice/thoughts you have 🙂

So those are my goals! Ideally I’d like to be able to say that I’ll read more diversely, and I do have diverse books on my shelves that I’d like to get to. This year, however, my focus is getting my shit together and cutting back this ridiculous TBR.

Let me know what your goals are for 2019! Also, please console me and tell me you also have insane TBRs. Please.





2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals

  1. Lol I feel your pain. I don’t even want to count how many ebooks I’ve bought or downloaded while they were free and haven’t read yet. It’s insane.

    As for your physical books you decide you don’t want, you could always do a giveaway and post a blog about it. 🙂

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