I was tagged to do this by the lovely Ravenclaw Book Club! In this tag, you have to choose five fictional characters that best represent you. I know this is supposed to be book characters, but I actually found it hard to pick five, so I cheated on the last one and used a character from a TV show.



credit: starscum@tumblr

I think it’s fair to say that there’s at least one Harry Potter character we relate to, and initially I was going to pick Hermione for this one, but then I felt it was a little too obvious (for me, that is, not in general. Kids at school used to call me Hermione and I used to pretend it was annoying so they’d keep doing it…) So I picked Lupin instead. Admittedly, Lupin is probably more what I would like to be than what I actually am. He’s compassionate, intelligent, perceptive, and above all he’s kind, which is something I try hard to be.



Katniss isn’t very socially adept, she’s blunt,  sarcastic, and this can make her appear quite closed-off, or cold. And I definitely get that. Probably her most positive trait is that she cares a lot about her family.



Since I’ve forgone putting Hermione on this list, I had to pick another bookworm character. I read Inkheart when I was very young, and I loved Meggie (I’ve never actually seen the film adaptation because the books are so dear to me). She’s bookish, creative, quite stubborn, and is an aspiring author, all of which I was and still am.



Like Cath, I’m quite involved with fandoms and fanfiction, though I’m more of a lurker than anything else. I mean, I’m absolutely not going to tell you what fandom I used to write fanfiction for, but I used to do it a lot, and it definitely reignited my interest in writing. She’s very shy and introverted, and while I’m not as shy as I used to be, I can definitely relate to a lot of Cath’s awkwardness.


tumblr_nd08xpw4ln1r64iyzo9_250  tumblr_nfxfscoqDU1r1lm9ro2_250

Honestly, never in my life have I related to character as much as I have Amy Santiago. She’s a goofy, nerdy, ambitious over-achiever, who manages to be serious while still being fun. In one episode, she talks about how, when she was a kid, she used to tape a torch to her shoulder so she could read under her bed covers and like, I used to think I was so sneaky stealing torches so I could read past bedtime, until my mum and dad bought me a book light one Christmas and effectively shattered that illusion. So, there’s that. She’s the most Ravenclaw character I could think of without actually picking a Ravenclaw (though really, we Ravenclaws only really have Luna Lovegood to choose from in the actual books, and I’m definitely not as cool/quirky as Luna).


This tag was so much fun! I’m not actually sure whose been tagged, so I’ll tag Julianne for now, and if you want to be tagged, please let me know 🙂


4 thoughts on “TAG | MYSELF IN 5 CHARACTERS

  1. I love your answers! Lupin is such a sweet character. ❤
    I'd seen lots of Amy gifs but never knew what show she was from! Now I know haha.

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